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Espoo Music Institute Harp Students’ Support Association

Studying at Espoo Music Institute (EMO)

General information

The main purpose of EMO is to offer diverse and high-quality musical education that will strengthen the student’s identity and increase their mental and social wellbeing. EMO offers a good foundation for a life-long interest in music and the skills needed to study music at a professional level. EMO gives Espoo sound. Being its flagship in musical education, it is the attraction of the city. EMO is the place where the development and approach to musical education meet the innovations of the surrounding world. EMO makes a difference locally, nationwide and globally.

According to the above Curriculum, the principles of the institute are the joy of music, a student-based approach, a sense of community and respect for individuality.

Study the Harp at EMO

Just like any discipline in EMO, harp studies are divided into basic studies and intermediate studies, as the student advances. In addition to the private classes, the student participates in chamber music studies (there are several possibilities to create music together) as well as orchestras in some cases (ensembles of several levels). In addition, the studies include periodical group sessions as well as the disciplines of music perception or music theory studies. Every student gets a chance to perform as part of the education. In addition to performances at the institute, in case the student is sufficiently ready, the teacher may organize performances outside the institute.

In order to study the harp at EMO, one must pass the annual spring season entrance exams.

Opportunity to Practice

In order to advance their skills, the student must take on independent and regular practice. We recommend for the young students, especially the beginners, to have a parent by their side for gentle instructions that follow the teacher’s recommendations. For that reason, it would be beneficial for the parent to participate in the classes at the beginning of the studies. The primary and the best option for the student is to offer the possibility to practice at home. Smaller instruments are particularly easy to purchase, while larger instruments and especially pedal harps require more of an investment and are usually not the first option at the beginning. At times, it is possible to rent a harp. There is an opportunity to practice at the classroom in the institute, and it is possible to book a practice session in advance.

Harp Teacher at EMO

Kirsi  Kiviharju,  contact:  harp(at)


Kirsi  Kiviharju,  Harp  Teacher  at  EMO

Ways to Contribute


Several companies have increased their contribution in supporting culture and music. An exceptionally good opportunity to create a long-term corporate image for current and future clients is to purchase an instrument. The sponsorship may be realized via a direct donation to the association or a commission of a harp concert in return for a donation.

Harp Conserts and Other Performances

With the participation of the harpist Kirsi Kiviharju and the harp students of the Espoo Music Institute we are able to organize concerts and smaller performances in churches or at the various events of the companies and organizations.


You are warmly welcome to join the Espoo Music Institute Harp Students’ Support Association. The basic membership fee is 20€ a year and the fee of  a student member is 15€ a year.

The Bank Account  for Donations and Membership Fees 
Espoo Music Institute Harp Students’ Support Association Danske Bank   FI37 8000 1371 0785 11  

Contact  by  e-mail:
chairman Kirsi Kiviharju: harp(at)

Espoo Music Institute Harp Students’ Support Association  
Treasurer  of  the  association
Anu  Laukkanen,  anu.laukkanen77(at)   


Members  of  the  Board
Kirsi Kiviharju,  chairman
Maiju Tolvanen,  vice  chairman
Anu Laukkanen,  member / treasurer
Anna Phan,  member